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  POISON Seth T U X Y abstract alligator alligators altar ambush angle animal animal headed animal part ankh antelope anubis arch archer archery arm arm extended arm raised arms arms down arms extended arms open arms out arms raised arms up arrow arrows asp ass ax axe baboon baby backwards ball balloon bar base basin basket battlements beak beams beard bed beetle beheaded bell bench bending bent over bent ski poles bird blob blossom blossoms boat body body part body parts bone bonnet bottle bow bowl bowling pin box boxes boxing braid branch branches bread breast brush bucking bud building burning cactus calf campfire candy captive captured carrot carry cartouche cat chair chairs chariot cherry chest chick chicks child chimney circle circles city claw claws climbing clothing club cobra coffin coil coils collar column comma container corn corner corpse cosmic cackler courtyard cow crab crest cricket crocodile crocodiles crook cross crouching crown crown of lower egypt crown of upper egypt cup curlicue curlicues curls curve curved line curved lines curves dagger dancer dancing date (fruit) dead decapitated den diagonal diagonal lines diamond disc djed dog donkey door dot dots double double crown down drool drop drops drying rack duck duckling dung beetle duplicate dwarf eagle ear ears earth eating eclipse egg eggshell ejaculating encircled eye eye brow eye brows eye of horus eye shadow eyebrow eyelashes face face down falcon fallen falling fan fawn feather feet field fighting filled finger fingers fire fish fist flag flail flower flowers flowing fluid fly flying foot foot raised forequarters found fountain four leaves frog full furniture gap geese giraffe giving birth goal goat god goddess golf club goose gosling grain grasshopper grid ground hair half circle hand hand behind back handles hands full hands raised handstand hanging hat hawk head head rest headdress headless headrest heap heart heaven helmet hill hills hindquarters hippo hippopotamus holding hood hoof hook hoop horn horns horse horus house human head human headed hunched ibis ink ink palette insect isis jackal jackal staff jar jaw jug juggling jump rope jumping karate kettle kilt king kneeling knife lamp shade land lava lamp leaping leg legs light lightning lily lily pad line lines lion lion paw lip liquid lizard loaf locust loop loops lotus lotus blossom lying down maat mace man millipede monkey monument moon mortar and pestle mother mountain mouth mummy mushroom naked narrow necklace nephthys nest nipple no arms nose nursing oar oath obelisk offering offering table oil lamp open box oval ovals owl owls ox paddle paddling palette palm down palm up palms down palms out palms up papyrus parallelogram penis people perch perched perching person petals phallus pharoah pillar pillars plant plinth plow plume podium pointing pool pot pot on head pouring pregnant present prisoner pupil pushing pyramid quadruped quarter circle queue rabbit rack rain raised arm raised arms ram rattle rays rearing reclining rectangle reed reeds ring river road roof rope rounded rowing rudder running sail saw scale scales scimitar score scorpion scroll scythe seat seeds senet serpent serpents set seth sheep shield shoe short sword shower sickle side view sight silo sinking sistrum sitck figure sitting size queen skin skinny skirt sky slithering small smoke snail snake snakes sparrow spear spear head spiral spoon spoonbill square staff stair stairs stand standing star statue stave step step pyramid steps stick stick figure straight line straight lines stream striking string suckling sun sun disc sun disk sunk swearing swimming sword synonymous glyphs table tadpole tail tassel tear teepee testicles thin thorn thoth three throne throwing thumb thumbs tied up tongs tool toothed saw torso tower track tree triangle triangles triple tripod twig twist two upside down uraeus urinating valley vase vases vehicle vertical lines vessel vision vulture walking walking stick wall walls wand war crown warrior was staff wasp water weapon weird wheat wheel whistle wig wing winged wings woman worship worshipping young zig zag