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What's this, then?

It's a reference site for basic Egyptian hieroglyphs.

What can I do here?

If you're translating Egyptian hieroglyphs, you can look up hieroglyphs based on tags describing them. Just browse the tag cloud and pick a tag that fits the glyph you're looking for. You can add other tags as you go along to refine your results.

If you're not translating Egyptian hieroglyphs, well, you're welcome to browse through and look at glyphs anyway. Have fun!

If you'd like a more detailed explanation of what's going on, you can read all about it.

Important Note

The database is not complete at this point in time. Currently there are 728 glyphs in the database, but only the first 78 of those have meanings filled in. All of them have been tagged (and you can add tags of your own). I hope to finish the database before the end of January 2008. Check out frequently asked question #9 for more details.